Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Gym

I've been eating too many red vines. It's a problem. I bought the huge tub of them, and now the tub is almost gone- this is very worrisome to me.

So.. I joined a gym! I threw in the exclamation mark, but I didn't really mean it- I'm not excited.

When I signed up, I received 3 free personal training sessions. Sweeeet! [Or so I thought...] My personal trainer is 5'2'', 125 pounds. When I break that down- that's 115lbs of pure muscle, 5lbs of bone, and probably 5lbs of protein shakes and gatorade. This girl is unreal. She's a professional wrestler in her free time! Needless to say, I almost died during our first workout session. After she worked out my arms, I couldn't wash my hair for two days- that is not an exaggeration.

Tonight was training session #2. I can't help but laugh about my work-out tonight. God forbid we spare me the humiliation of being about as strong as a loaf of white bread in front of all these muscular men. The men all around me were doing this:
There was a lot of screaming, grunting, swearing, sweating, the sound of weights clashing against each other.. You know, gym stuff. Over-sized men galore.

The gym has a little walled-in area with mats, medicine balls, etc.. But did my trainer work me out in there? Nope. She carried a mat to the center of the weight-lifting area and instructed me on how to do... leg lifts.
Seriously!? Why do I have to do freakin' pilates next to all the free weights!? 


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