Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Rushcocks.

I've found "the one". It's gross how much I adore him.

That javelina he's sitting with? He killed it. 
Those moccasins he's wearing? We have matching pairs.
That magazine? It's Field & Stream.

He can fix anything, always offers to help with the dishes, is great with children, makes me laugh all.the.time, looks gorgeous in a plain white t-shirt, and has never burnt anything on the grill. He's a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur, one of the few twenty-somethings I know who is actually good with money, and uses a level & tape measure every time he hangs anything on the walls. Such a dream boat.

Please note his nose-hair trimmer among all my beauty products. Sigh.

He also... hates nuts, his truck smells like wet dog (we don't have a dog..) all the time, he's boycotting kale after trying it once, demands his back be scratched for, like, 18 hours of the day, doesn't make the bed, and splashes water all over the mirror every time he brushes his teeth and washes his face. I can always find his dirty socks in the living room; sometimes I swear he doesn't even knows where we keep our dirty clothes hamper? Even with his little quirks, he's the best S.O. of all time.

And don't let his manly-man exterior fool you. He's also a true romantic- he bought me a water cooler for Valentine's Day.


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