Monday, February 28, 2011

Wisdom Teeth.

As if it wasn't terrifying enough to see the dentist last week, I had to have a consultation with an oral surgeon today. My wisdom teeth are *gulp* getting extracted on Friday. All 4 of those bad boys have got to go, but one in particular is causing the most stress....
After the oral surgeon examined me, I was left alone in the exam room with a stack of paperwork to fill out. I scanned over the paperwork, initialed everywhere as indicated, sat patiently, got bored... 

I started reading the posters on the walls and the pamphlets on the counter describing the surgery.. It made me jittery. My palms started sweating after I read about how they extract an impacted wisdom tooth. I started impulsively doing things- I straightened out all the magazines, neatly stacked the pamphlets, washed my hands.. I realized I was acting crazy.

I opted to sit back down and compose myself. I decided to take advantage of this time alone; I would re-read my paperwork and make sure I thoroughly understood my pre-op instructions ...I ended up circling all the typos on their forms. There is no room for grammatical or spelling errors on a medical form informing me there is a rare chance I might suffer permanent nerve damage, a broken jaw, or die of cardiac arrest under anesthesia. I really hope they don't notice my corrections and ask me about them on Friday. I'll be mortified. I'm sure they've had other anxious patients, but who gets nervous and compulsively proof-reads?
On the bright side.. Someone told me they lost 20 pounds after they had their wisdom teeth removed- that'd be awesome.

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