Friday, March 18, 2011

My Butt > Size 4 = Sad Day.

It's getting warm outside.
The sun is shining, the birds are singing.. and I can't fit into my summer clothes. Shit.

I can't lie to myself- I knew this was happening.
But I blamed the scale- I blamed the extra pounds on forgetting to pee before I weighed myself.

This blog & my body are officially getting a healthy make-over. The Green Cake is going into the trash. The ice cream in the freezer can go melt in a dumpster somewhere.

Starting tomorrow... it's time to lose that muffin-top! Why tomorrow? Because I just ate a footlong hot dog, fries, and onion rings for lunch at Ted's Hot Dogs (I don't know why I'm gaining weight!? haha).

I don't really have a game plan- just want to be aware of what I eat, move my body more, and count calories so I can hold myself accountable for what goes into my body. I have a great app on my phone that helped me lose a ton of weight a few years ago, they also have a great website that can track calories, pounds, goal dates, etc. I highly recommend AND it's free. Whoo-hoo!

Wish me luck!


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