Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Cake

Last time I tried to make a yellow cake from scratch, it tasted like eggs. 
I'm sticking with boxed mixes!
I made a yellow cake, as directed on the package.
Added some green gel coloring.
Divided the batter between two 9" round pans.
Baked & cooled as directed.
Once my cake was cool, I put the first layer (top side down/flat side up) on my pedestal.
Then, for the sake of keeping things tidy, I tucked some wax paper around the edges of the cake.
Frosted the top.
Arranged the top cake layer- rounded side up.
Frosted the sides.
Frosted the top, removed all the wax paper and..

*And by 'voila' I mean 'I don't know how to properly frost a cake so it looks a little rough!'


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