Thursday, April 21, 2011

Camping Essentials

Our first camping trip of 2011 is this weekend. Michael is a camping enthusiast & I'm a s'mores enthusiast, so it kinda evens out.

I had never been camping before Michael and I started dating. Prior to this relationship, I would have considered myself a diva. I had to adjust when I fell in love with a mountain man.

My presence in camp has made things slightly more... comfortable. I refuse to go without certain conveniences.

Big Buddy Tent Heater
I can't sleep if I'm cold.

Coleman Gas Stove
Just like cooking at home!

Pink Polka Dot RainBoots
I wear wool socks inside of them so my feet are warm.
I can rinse them off if I accidentally pee on my feet.
..Don't act like you've never peed on your feet if you've had to pop a squat.

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  1. seriously you crack me up. I may need to go purchase some rain boots thanks for the tip!