Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little Francine, the baby pup.

My little baby girl.
My sweet pupperoo.

Her favorite song? 'Francy-Franc Badonkadonk' :)
Her favorite game? Ripping my ponytail holders out of my hair >:l
Her favorite snack? Every pair of shoes I've ever loved :'(

I'll never be able to sell my textbooks back because she's chewed off all the corners. I've never be able to show my toes again because she ate ALL OF MY FLIP-FLOPS. I'll never be able to frolic in the rain because she ate the soles out of my galoshes. Is that how you spell 'galosh'?
RIP, my glorious pink polka dot boots..

When I adopted Franc from Animal Control, they told me she was a 16-week old Shih Tzu mix. I expected her to grow up and look like this..
(freaking cute, right!?).

They lied. She was actually an 8-week old labradoodle- so most likely she'll grow up to look like this..

Puppy-motherhood has been an arduous journey. I think Michael wishes we could give her back sometimes, but c'est la vie. She's here for life. Even though she might grow up to have a face only a mother could love- she'll always be my baby pup.


  1. your dog sounds like a nightmare, but it sounds like you have the patience of a saint! super cute

  2. I can't believe they just lied to you like that, but he is a really cute dog. Good luck with all his bad behaviour.

  3. ahhhhhh so cute! I miss my puppy dog that i had to give to my sister :/

  4. Where are you guys? I can't find you on Facebook anymore. I had a plumbing question for Michael...wondering if he has access to aingle basin Farmhouse sinks (apron front). Email me your guys e-mail address that way we can still keep in touch.